Humans happen to be desirous of various things. Cash, power, satisfaction, satisfaction, and surprisingly, celebrities are all items that lead to passion. As persons focus in these things, the result is utter and blatant madness, and eventually turns into the break down of themselves and others. In the novel Agony by Sophie King, the mental lack of stability of Annie Wilkes plus the imprisonment of Paul Sheldon shows how obsession can result in the destruction of others. Paul Sheldon was an author recognized for his a large number of books about an 18th century girl named Misery Chastain. The very last book with the Misery books concluded in Paul's celebratory drinking because he was finally free from writing about the same character. He desired His having caused him to crash his extremely expensive car throughout a snowstorm. Women who was the former doctor, Annie Wilkes, saved him from freezing and eventually dying in the snowstorm. She took him inside her house and put 4 into his arm and tried to care for him. The lady was a the case fan with the Misery ebooks and bought the last one. When she realized that Agony died at the conclusion of the book, she started to be an evil witch that tortured Paul and forced him to write an additional Misery book that gives her back to life. Her obsession with Misery's character generated the passion with the publisher himself.

Paul was captured in Misery's life; this individual needed to launch himself by having a single topic to write down about. He knew it turned out going to acquire old 1 day, and he was feeling as though he could hardly write about whatever else unless he got rid of Unhappiness for good. Having been trapped in Misery's existence because the fanatical women that followed Misery's life supplied him with fame and money. He wanted to begin a new book in order to free of charge himself coming from Misery Chastain's grasp. Annie Wilkes was an engaged fan; yet , her obsession was combined with her insanity, which caused a very harmful result. Her erratic patterns was recognized to the townspeople, but not to Paul Sheldon. She...


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