Book Review: The Analects of Confucius

China knowledgeable a lot of the groundbreaking changes and a proliferation of new concepts in the Spring and Slide period and Warring States period. These kinds of periods can be represented because chaotic intervals, so sooner or later there were various tries for solving the disorders with the societies by many philosophers[1]. Philosophers in those periods tried to addresses within these historical framework and demands such as the requirements for balance and reunification. Among them, Confucius has become the the majority of noticeable thinker, and his believed, Confucianism, features influenced considerably the ethnicities and reputations of countries in East Asia such as China, Korea, and Japan. The analects of Confucius can be described as record of words and discussions of Confucius fantastic disciples after his loss of life. Although the Analects of Confucius was not directly written by Confucius, this book consists of most of essential ideas of Confucius. Also, this book is going to lead us better to understand ethics of East Parts of asia and historical situations from the Spring and Autumn period and Warring States period.

At first we need to understand what the primary teachings of Confucius will be. Confucius burdened the importance of virtue because he thought the disorder of the society originate from lack of advantage. Confucius assumed that the world would be secure when people retrieve virtue. Confucius emphasized some kinds of virtue. From my personal perspective, benevolence, ren, is the expoliar of Confucian virtues based on the Analects. And Confucius assumed only based on benevolence, persons can establish the houses, li. In other words, benevolence, which is intangible virtue, is precondition to the properties. Contrary to benevolence, the properties are genuine actions for making proper order prevail throughout heaven and earth. Ritual performance as well as how to interact with other folks can be illustrations of the properties. Confucius believed benevolence as well as the properties will be the solution to get the sociable chaos of his period, and he believed these virtues at some point would balance people and society.

From the Analects, we can imagine the idea of The Mandate of Heaven with the Zhou dynasty was still impacting on the someones life, and in addition it had an excellent influence upon Confucianism. The Mandate of Heaven means the right to rule a state by Heaven which usually helped to excercise the full sovereign coin power of the Zhou kings, but likewise this believed stressed for the importance of virtue, responsibility, and ritual performance[2]. Just like the idea of Requirement of Bliss, Confucius stressed the importance of virtue, particularly benevolence as well as the properties. Considering that the life style and thought of people in every period are different, Philosophies in several periods will often have different character. However , these kinds of similarities between ideas of Mandate of Heaven and Confucius including stress upon virtue and ritual overall performance tells us that people in the Planting season and Autumn period had kept several cultures and ideas with the Zhou dynasty. Confucius followed these ways to his believed and produced these tips to give possible solutions to the social chaos of his period. He may have assumed that in the event the people could have virtue and maintain responsibility of their position, the state of hawaii would be secure and reunified as the Zhou dynasty.

As stated before, Confucius' thought was influenced by idea of the Mandate of Heaven. Specifically, his thought about government really was similar to the idea about governmental policies of the Require of Heaven. Both of them pressured that virtue is the most important requirement of rulers. In the analects, Confucius said " The guideline of virtue can be compared to the Pole Superstar which instructions the honor of the multitude of stars with out leaving the place[3]. ” Therefore if rulers govern a situation with advantage, then the people would stick to the rulers the natural way. In this estimate, Confucius as well claimed that rulers ought to set the pace initially...


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