BILLY ELLIOT ESSAY: Illustrate at least ONE concept that was worth learning about in the text(s). Explain why the theory was worth learning about inside the text(s) as a whole, using samples of visual and / dental language features to support your ideas. In the film ‘Billy Elliot' directed simply by Stephen Daldry, a memorable idea that was worth researching was that we need to persevere in following each of our dreams. Billy shows this throughout the film by his determination and his passion in ballet dancing. He is also willing to produce sacrifices and does whatever it takes pertaining to him to satisfy his desire. Daldry uses different film techniques to demonstrate the different feeling Billy communicates when he dances in contrast to the emotion this individual feels in the home around all the mining, violence and functioning class environment. Dancing is shown from the beginning of the film to the end, but this individual does not understand this in the beginning because he was so caught up in what his father needed and their friends and family tradition than for what he wanted for himself. The concept of persevering in following our dreams will be worth learning about because if there is something which you enjoy performing and always do it, it can take you to numerous places you would probably never imagine. In the film, it is noticeable that Billy knows what he desires to do. He shows this in the beginning the place that the director reveals a close up camera taken on the record player, wherever Billy locations the filling device on the record exactly where " I was moving when I was 12” starts, it gives us a hint that 12 yr old Billy includes a passion to get dancing. Daldry also uses extreme close-up on Billy's face, hands, hands and legs moving into framework to demonstrate the love Billy offers for boogie and the happiness he feels when he inside the dancing feeling. Billy conveys the same happiness in the field at the Royal Ballet Institution for his audition. The way in which he dances, it suggests the freedom Billy feels when he is dancing. " How to start. Sorta great. Sorta rigid...


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