Rafy Andrew H. Santillan TC 1-7

Synopsis of the at night.

It absolutely was begin right before midnight, from 12 midnight to dawn. It was happen in Denny's restaurant in downtown Tokyo. Maria Esai sits at the front end window by herself and even though reading a book. Takashi gets into the restaurants, passing Mari for a few methods until he remember her face. He said that they met a couple of years earlier. Takashi knows his old sis. Mari remains annoyed in his presence during their initial dialogue. Mari is extremely different to her sister. Mari is very nerd, she always in her space reading literature while her sister is extremely sociable and also beautiful. From then on, Takashi sooner or later leaves for his music group practice. Minutes later, a huge woman called Kaoru explodes into the restaurant and methods Mari. She needs a Chinese language speaker to manage an injured patron with the Alphaville, a love resort she deals with. When Mari went to the hotel, she finds the fact that Chinese female, a prostitute was stressed by the costumer. She was beaten and robbed by it. Sharikawa, the man who beat up the prostitute: a computer sector worker for any company known as VERITECH who have prefers to work alone during nighttime. He " does not look like the kind of gentleman who would purchase a Oriental prostitute in a love lodge. He is married and has a children. Mari and Takahashi are reunited hours after, and his link with Kaoru can be revealed: this individual visited the Alphaville lodge once using a girl, probably Eri. Takashi said that this individual and Eri met two months ago. Eri told him that your woman wanted that she could be closer to Mari. Mari bemoans the " history between us” which includes caused their particular distance. Takahashi suggests that Mari's sister, metaphorically or practically, is in a spot where she's " raising wordless.


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