Creature Phylums

" Write a 3 sentence description for each phylum and list two good examples for each. Also, draw a photo of a common example via each. (or cut out of the magazine). You'll certainly be graded about how accurate your details is as well as neatness. "

Sponges (Porifera): Poriferans don't have lips; instead, they may have tiny tiny holes in their exterior walls by which water is drawn. Cells in the cloth or sponge walls filtering nutrients from the water while the water is usually carried through the body. The flow of water throughout the sponge is definitely unidirectional, motivated by defeating of flagella.

Cases: Glass A sponge and Calcareous Sponges.


Cnidarians: These are radially shaped. The mouth, located at the center of 1 end with the body, opens into a gastro vascular cavity, which is used to get digestion and distribution of food. Cnidarians have a body wall composed of 3 layers: a great outer epidermis, an internal gastro dermis, and a middle mesogloea.

Examples: Ocean Anemones and Corals.


Echinoderms: Many species replicate sexually, and species have separate genders. Fertilization is external; the gametes are simply shed in to the water for spawning period. The floating embryo builds up into a ciliated, free-swimming, bilaterally symmetrical chrysalis, which undergoes metamorphosis into the radially symmetrical adult.

Good examples: Sea Cucumber and Down Star.


Mollusks (Mollusca): The mollusk is a soft-bodied, usually shelled invertebrate belonging to one of the greatest animal phyla with some 100, 000 living species. Cases: Snails and Clams.


Seafood: Fish had been the earliest vertebrates and presumably evolved from a team of aquatic decrease chordates. You will discover over 20, 1000 living types of fish. They range in proportions from 7-cm to 14-m. Examples: Fishes and Lungfishes.


Reptiles (Reptilia): Reptiles happen to be cold-blooded; that they lack an efficient system pertaining to regulating their body temperature. They will range in proportion from 5-cm to...


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