To investigate the degree of awareness and support of animal abuse of young adults in Singapore


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To be able to investigate the amount of awareness and support of animal misuse of teenagers, our team conducted an online and paper review. We wanted to find out the level of consciousness so that we could aid in helping to educate the kids to be less abusive to animals. Most of the children will help family pets when they are mistreated, and most of them are aware of for least one particular animal business and what they do to help pets. The percentage of folks that have the basic knowledge of what organizations carry out and the maintain animals can be higher than whatever we predicted. All of us found out that 70% from the people know SPCA (Society of Prevention towards the rudeness of Animals) and that simply 30% from the people feel that killing is recognized as as a kind of animal mistreatment. Also, we found out there are 9% of students would you ignore abused animals. In summary, Singapore teens are generally effectively informed and aware of the protection and support of animals. Additional recommendation: We would look further more into what people think of misuse towards home-based animals and stray pets or animals respectively, thus we can study the feature of dog owners to educate other folks about pet abusing.


The job is about the awareness and support of animal abuse to teens. We chose to do this task mainly because that we think that the younger generation have no idea enough regarding animal mistreatment. Thus, we wish to find out how much teenagers know about animal maltreatment and whether they want to avoid animal misuse from taking place around them. All of us focused on teenagers instead of the whole population, no matter what age, because the abusing of animals we see or know about daily are mostly created by teenagers. Thus, from this, we could know what precisely how teenagers think about this topic and whether they are even aware of what exactly they are doing is definitely animal mistreatment. This studies significant in the sense that if we know what teenagers know of creature abuse, we can educate all of them based on them not know. We hope this becomes beneficial and efficient when we really want to minimise or prevent pet abuse coming from happening. Each of our hypothesis was that teenagers have no idea of animal maltreatment and definitely, they don't support it because if they happen to be aware, they might not mistreatment the pets.


We conducted paper and online surveys that contain several open-ended and multiple choice questions in 2013. We surveyed teenagers old 12-19.

Online surveys are useful for any researcher to get data that cannot be immediately observed eg. opinions. It really is used widely to assess qualities or behaviour. It helps to collect the public's general judgment on a particular subject/topic.

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This content talks about the reasons different people will vary attitudes towards people. There are many different reasons persons may feel differently for their experiences. If perhaps someone had a certain distressing experience with a particular species of creature, he or she is going to tend to be more cautious about that varieties and may likewise tend to wish to assault an animal of the species as being a form of self-defense. Different...


Done By: Ariel Chai(2), Joyce Lee(10), Lynette Lim, Lim Wee Wen, Loh Yan Lin


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