Historic Civilizations Article: Understanding Geography and Background Amanda

Honors World History Period 2

Mrs. Ocasio

August 15th, 2012

People. Mountain range. People. Culture. People. Drinking water. Ever wonder why history and geography very often studied together? Well for the reason that geography contains a lot of influence on the worlds' overall history and how all this connects collectively. Learning geography is also crucial in understanding record because people need to know where and how were the locations will be and how come the civilizations formed right now there. To continue, all civilizations are connected somehow, from trading to faith based beliefs or perhaps wars to traditions; a few of the civilizations that are going to compared are incredibly similar. For this reason the knowledge of geography is essential to the comprehension of history since it impacted the introduction of city-states, caused isolation, and allowed ethnical diffusion between the civilizations.

To begin, location impacted the development of many city-states. India and the Nile Lake Valley have been majorly influenced by the Earths geography in early civilizations. Various rivers ran through India, which included the Indus and the Ganges Rivers. Most Indian city- says were close to these estuaries and rivers because the persons wanted to be near water making it easier to get excess to this. It was also important for Indians to be near the Ganges Water because that river was sacred to them and " …one Indian name for " river”: lok-mata, or " mother in the people. ” (World History Book, web page 52). Today the Earth River Area was extremely fertile, which usually made " …farmers take advantage of the fertile land of the Nile Valley to grow wheat or grain and flax, a herb whose fivers were employed for clothing. ” and have surplus to water in the dried out Egyptian high temperature. The " Black Land” was the wealthy and irrigated area of the Earth Valley and " a maximum of 10 kilometers wide, put the ‘Red Land, ' a sun-baked desert that stretches across North The african continent. ” (24). All these physical features afflicted...


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