The conflict in the story requires the mom not sense content, mainly because she feels she committed into a great unlucky friends and family. This a sense of unhappiness led her to believe that she gets no love towards her children. The conflict from the story helped to develop the theme: her son Paul can perception the tension in the house and can hear the house sound " there has to be more money”; because of this, he rides his rocking-horse until he goes into a clairvoyant phase where he sees the winning horses of the next race. Following Paul received a large amount of cash, which this individual secretly offered to his mother, however he saw that the lady was still not really content. She used the amount of money on needless items which triggers the house to scream to more money.

The protagonist inside the story is usually Paul. Paul is a fresh boy whose desire is always to please his mother hoping that he'd receive focus and appreciate from her. He is optimistic and feels that he can born lucky, unlike his mother who also thinks her whole family is unlucky. During the climax with the story, Paul wins five thousand pounds and provides it to his mother. It just feels like things gone from very good to bad, because she wrap up spending that on issues that the girl doesn't want like flowers, a guitar tutor, etc . This problem caused Paul to become a lot more obsessed to win funds for his family.

The rocking equine is a symbol of wish for00 more money. The family usually wants more money, but it seems like their money situation never improves. Just like a rocking-horse, unlike a real race-horse, that stays at the same spot and doesn't proceed anywhere. The property whispering " there must be more money” is usually a symbol of greed. Some people say that greed can easily talk and I think that's what the author is attempting to show. Even though the family never stated it out noisy, but it could be heard silently.

The theme of the story is basically about man obsession with regards to wealth and material products. In the story, Paul can easily sense that his parents lack funds for the type of...


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