Poet: Amy GerstlerTitle: Advice from a Caterpillar

Part 1> Your visceral/gut level/emotional respond to the poem after one particular (or two) readings.

After reading the poem, We felt that it was very sassy. I interpreted it being a life lessons, and to under no circumstances dwell on your past mistakes. The poem was short, sweet, and easily understood. I really enjoyed this kind of poem; that reminded me showing how I want to live my life. Component 2> All you can tease out about the way the poem is made: include details of framework, form, language.

The framework of the poem is one left validated stanza. There exists enjambment upon lines two, four, five, six, 8, nine, 11, twelve, and fifteen. In the third the line the word " everything” is definitely italicized, this can be a only word that sticks out. The presenter uses hard punctuation employing periods and commas. There is no formal vocally mimic eachother scheme. The speaker can be using a prolonged metaphor and is personifying a caterpillar. The poem is instructional. non-e of the items of advice the speaker advises are repeated, implying they may be of equal importance (except for the italicized " everything”). There is some make use of alliteration throughout the poem, such as in line 8-10, with " crumpling” and " climbing, ” and lines few, with " cryptically, ” " mistake, ” " change, ” and " colors. ” The framework of the composition mirrors the sentence structure: brief and to the point.

Portion 3> Perform a close reading/interpretation of the composition, including both your initial reaction and how which was modified/expanded by closer study. You should present the poem, both its literal which means and some other interpretations that contain arisen through your meeting with this.

Initially, I thought the composition was simply about not really dwelling around the past. Following further psychic readings, I realized that even though it includes a short and sweet structure the poem can be interpreted as much more. Literally, the poem is about a caterpillar giving guidance to the market, but it can be clearly a metaphor. Not only does the poem talk...


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