" My Body is definitely My Own Business”

Inside the article " My Body is usually My Own Business” by Naheed Mustafa were introduced to the stereotypes and prejudices that Muslim people in our country are controlled by. Mustafa's everyday life consists of stereotypes because of her decision to put on the hijab. Mustafa goes on to talk about what covering up her human body means to herself and her reasons for this. There are many problems in contemporary society today with teen girls thinking that they are going to earn value form persons by wearing particular clothing, and that their worth is proportional to their charm. The definition of beauty is ever-changing and that true equal rights will come once woman no more have to use their body to get attention.

The essay can be centered surrounding the idea that ladies who wear the hijab will be in control of all their bodies, and resents the idea that people think that the only way they will truly have got control over their bodies should be to flaunt it. I feel that Mustafa is making a very courageous and important statement in opposing this North American watch. Mustafa makes very effective points which includes; " Women are trained from early on childhood that their really worth is proportional to their appeal. ” This statement depicts the underlying stereotypes which exist within our contemporary society.

Ultimately a women would not earn admiration by the way the girl dresses, nor did Mustafa earn value wearing the hijab. A few women feel that they will acquire respect by putting on provocative clothing; undoubtedly they may be misunderstood, for me no one will respect a women that is 1 / 2 naked. Mustafa is the voice for all Muslim girls moving into Canada who have wear the hijab and feel the need to defend their location to cover up their body. Mustafa shows her personal thoughts proclaiming, " My spouse and i often wonder whether persons see me personally as a radical, fundamentalist Muslim terrorist taking an AK-47? This estimate shows the real pain which the Muslim girls who choose to wear the hijab face in this nation....


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