L2- HSC Specialized Certificate product worksheet

Unit 204 – Principles of protecting and safeguard in into the social care

The numbers inside the bracket after each problem relate to the assessment requirements in the standards UNIT 4222-205

1 . Define the following types of abuse: (1. 1 . 1)

• Sexual abuse

Sexual misuse is the making of undesirable sexual conduct by one individual upon another • Emotional/psychological abuse

Emotional/psychological abuse might involve threats or activities to cause mental or physical harm; embarrassment; voilation • Financial maltreatment

Financial misuse is the illegitimate or unauthorised use of someone�s money, real estate, pension book or other valuables. • Institutional abuse

Institutional abuse involves failure of the organisation to provide appropriate and professional specific services to vulnerable people. It can be noticed or recognized in procedures, attitudes and behaviour that quantity to elegance through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness, stereotyping and rigid systems.

• Self neglect

Self-neglect is a behavioural condition in which usually an individual neglects to attend for their basic requirements, such as personal hygiene, feeding, clothing, or medical conditions some may have.

• Neglect by other folks

Disregard is a unaggressive form of mistreatment in which the wrongdoer is accountable to provide proper care, for someone, who may be unable to look after oneself, yet fails to give adequate care to meet their demands. Neglect can include failing to provide sufficient guidance, nourishment, medical care or other needs.

2 . Identify the signs and symptoms connected with each type of abuse (1. 1 . 2)

a few. Describe factors that may contribute to an individual becoming more vulnerable to abuse (1. 1 . 3)

some. Explain the actions to take if there are accusations that an individual is being mistreated (2. 2 . 1)

5. Explain the actions to take if an specific alleges they are being abused (2. 2 . 2)

6. Discover ways to make sure...


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