" My digital photography is a reflection, which concerns life in action and contributes to meditation. Spontaneity - the suspended second - intervenes during actions, in the viewfinder. ”

These words, spoken by Abbas Attar, genuinely describes his work. Dedicating himself to the coverage of social and political lifestyle of communities in conflict, Abbas Attar is described as one of the most incredible photographers, simply working in black and white. He has a willing eye intended for the world, seeking out people and places overlooked by much on the planet. He has a special ability to freeze a point in time in a particular social or political conflict, his candids: what this individual calls ‘the suspended moment'. Abbas became a member of photography firm, Magnum, in 1981, and served while President of Magnum by 1998 to 2001. He is known for his photojournalism of different, nations in war or revolution, and extensive work on religion. Those times he provides captured upon camera, causes you to stop, stare, and believe. His picture taking has protected wars and revolutions in Ulster, Bangladesh, Chile, South Africa, Biafra, Cuba, the Middle East, and Vietnam, as well as protection of Northern Ireland. Above many years, Attar has covered over 30 countries and published 18 books in his journeys recording developing nations.

The Iranian photographer, born in 1944 and relocated to Paris, required the roads of Serbia from 1978-1980 to photograph and document the popular uprisings. His photos are some of one of the most iconic pictures of the Iranian Revolution. Abbas later returned to Usa in 1997, after seventeen years of non-reflex exile. One of his books, Iran Diary, 1971-2002 can be described as critical meaning of the history, took pictures of and crafted as a personal diary.

During his numerous years of exile, Attar travelled constantly. In 1983, for three years, he embarked into South america, photographing the nation as if he were writing a novel. An event and publication, Return to Mexico, Journey Beyond the Hide, includes his travel diaries, travel remarks, and images, support him...


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