A Taken Life

Jaycee Dugard


Survivor: a person who survives, esp. a person staying alive after an event through which others include died.

A Stolen Existence, was written by Jaycee Dugard herself by using the journal which your woman kept through the years. That puts a fresh perspective about how someone may live below such conditions without trying to flee, and how one could turn into aligned with one's abductor. It also reveals how long a runner can endure physical and mental abuse long after it appears they cannot. Jaycee's question, " What do you do to outlive? ” (Page 3) is usually one all of us wish we might never have to resolve. This book can be not about how she was obviously a victim, although how she is a survivor. This is her story.

In 1991, Jaycee Dugard, age 10, was kidnapped by Phillip and Nancy Garrido and was retained a captive in their backyard for the next 20 years. Galano, a convicted rapist and kidnapper, was on leitspruch when he kidnapped Jaycee. Your woman was bodily and sexually abused over the years and gave beginning to two kids fathered simply by Garrido. With just a 5th grade education, Jaycee not simply secreted a diary of her lifestyle, but schooled her children in a warehouse in the back garden.

It is stunning that the Gerridos were often visited by simply parole representatives over the years of Jaycee's imprisonment, but hardly ever found nearly anything amiss. Philip was a unwell man, and obviously had a issue that he couldn't control. He was a rapist. This individual and his partner knew it had been wrong, but


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they kidnapped Jaycee anyhow. Jaycee was obviously a slave to Garrido. At first he handcuffed her, but gave her more independence since this individual thought that Jaycee " earned” his trust. Garrido gave her a " normal” routine. This individual took her to Walmart, he permit her roam around the house, and took her to the seashore. No one known her, and he hardly ever spoke of her brand. Phillip and Nancy Garrido were able to cover Jaycee for every those years, with Phillip repeatedly raping the youthful girl, fathering two children with her and holding her in a continuous state of terror. Remarkably, Phillip and Nancy could actually suppress Jaycee right inside their enclosed garden. Jaycee was " raised” by the couple and her children were raised as if Nancy was their mom and Jaycee their sister.

It is so hard to believe that all of this took place without someone realizing what was happening. Phillip Garrido had parole officers who visited the house. Jaycee refers to all the drugs which were sometimes engaged during her relations with Phillip wonderful " runs”. I think the scariest a part of this whole thing is that Phillip and Nancy Garrido served as if we were holding doing the ideal thing and creating a friends and family with a fresh girl who had been only aiming to survive lengthy enough to be reconnected to her mother and baby sister.

Once she was finally capable to reveal her identity into a parole official, Jaycee need to have felt a great deal fear and joy in equal procedures.

I have hardly ever read a book so exciting and distressing at the same time. Jaycee Dugard does a wonderful task of offering readers wish for current and future kid abductions. She gives aspire to those with this kind of little expect at all. She also portrays the fact of child abductions and


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how easily it might happen to anyone. Just by sharing her extraordinary journey, she proves that victims can make it out alive. The things the girl faced every day were items I could hardly wish upon anyone.

The one thing that was out in her book and amazed me was, taking into consideration all the girl had been through; she continue to does not possess hate to her tormentors because the girl chooses to never infect their self with these kinds of negativity. This can be something I actually most admire about her, for We am not sure I could accomplish this myself. I believe this book is usually something most readers can connect with. As I was reading this book, the girl talked about the numerous number of items she overlooked as a teen; things I couldn't ever before imagine missing out on, things I really could relate to. Including having your initially...


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