A Christmas Carol Essay

Many times in life, we do not understand the importance of something until it finally is gone which is too late to reclaim. Nevertheless , in A Christmas Carol by simply Charles Dickens, we are advised the story of your man whom, although undeserving, is offered an opportunity to redeem himself, to receive an additional chance. This man, Ebenezer Scrooge, is definitely changed permanently by the important lessons educated by several spirits: the ones from his deceased partner John Marley, as well as the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come.

Scrooge is first visited by phantom of his left companion, and sole friend, Jacob Marley. Appearing on the knocker to his old chambers, Marley's horrifying face is the first indication of the remarkable, life-changing evening yet to come. However , it is only right up until Ebenezer Scrooge actually views " Marley, in his pigtail, usual waistcoat, tights and boots; the tassels for the latter bristling like his pigtail, and his coat-skirts, plus the hair upon his head" (p. 17) that the old man truly believes that he was not merely finding a reverie. The specter proceeded to warn Scrooge to change his callous, avarice ways, as well as to be while Marley after death: residing on feel dissapointed about and self-torment, weighed straight down by " the string [he] forged in life" (p. 21). Knowing Ebenezer as a gentleman of practical nature, the ghost gives further proof that there are permanently consequences, possibly after life. Shocked, Scrooge glimpses " the air filled with phantoms, roaming hither and thither in restless excitement, " (p. 25) and recognizes various as long overlooked business associates: as greedy and heartless as he. Although Jacob Marley came out for just a brief moment, he was the most significant and important spirit: because of it was this individual who imparted the meaning that all errors in life happen to be paid for ten-fold in death, and who, more importantly, ready the sensible man pertaining to the great appearances that would follow.

The second to appear is the Heart of Holiday Past,...


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