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In William Faulkner's " A Rose intended for Emily" there are numerous aspects of the plot that may be explored. The usage of conflict, foreshadowing, and flashbacks throughout the tale form the story along with its characters. The plot's stages can be followed throughout the story. The start and end from the exposition, climaxing, and quality can be identified. There is also a protagonist and a few enemies in this tale. The story will be based upon the life of the southern woman and the end result of likely her one and only relationship having a man. I will in the following paragraphs demonstrate the use of the previously mentioned tools inside the story.

The story opens together with the death of Miss Emily Grierson, the subject of the story. The truth that the account begins in medias res or in the middle of the story is an example of treatment of the date order of the story (Kirszner and Mandell 65). It used by creators enhances the approach a story is usually told. One more form of manipulating the order of once events are exposed can be through the use of flashbacks. Faulkner relies on this to explain the events leading up to Emily's death. Throughout the story the narrator goes back to be able to events to introduce personas such as her father, her Negro servant, Homer Barron, and the Plank of Aldermen. An example of this would be when the narrator states, " We did not even know she was sick; there were long since given up on having any information from the Negro. " (86) Inside these flashbacks, the author inserts examples of foreshadowing. When an author uses foreshadowing they are aiming to give the reader an insight to the events about to unfold afterwards in the tale (68).

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