You are given 5 topics (plus one recommended by the group) for your argument. The matters for the 2014 argument are as follows:

1 . We are all economic man (Homo Economicus)

2 . Businesses have no responsibility outside of all those who have ownership in the company. three or more. Work could be dehumanising instead of fulfilling

5. Taylorism has left a lasting musical legacy

5. TBC (topic suggested by the group)

Presumably you have already started preparing for the debate. You should remember to keep all the options you use to prepare/ create your quarrels in order to make reference to the authors/sources during the controversy. (The guidelines of referring to are similar to all those applying to a written assignment) Every person must be prepared to argue for and against the concerns indicated in the topic. Every single debating group will incorporate 6 people – 3 yes and a few negative. You will only be knowledgeable 10 minutes prior to the commencement from the debate a high level00 member of the affirmative or perhaps negative group. This is why it is crucial to be totally prepared to argument on both sides of the theme. Every member of the debating team must speak, on the other hand please make an effort to do not go over approx. 2 minutes every speech. Staff roles/ framework of the issue:

1 . The motion (topic) of the issue will be defined by the initially speaker from the affirmative team, who will likewise present one argument in favour of the team's case (or if desired a set of more general arguments) 2 . The first person in negative group (sitting directly opposite towards the first speaker from the yes team) will rebut the general line of the arguments shown by the initial affirmative loudspeaker followed by ‘presenting the bad teams' disagreement. 3. The other member of the affirmative staff will then rebut the main factors presented by the first adverse tem member, followed by presenting an argument of the affirmative's case. 4. The second member of the negative staff will then rebut the main parts of the...


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