Winston the protagonist of 1984 by George orwells, is portrayed being a man that reverence l words, stay with it and in the end reverence that. But over the storyline winston degressed to become a slave to his own some weakness. Winston participated in a magic formula relationship with a party member Julia, they lasted quite a while in the relationship thinking these were not going to be found, this started to be history as soon as they were trapped by O'brien who had noted about this affair because he have been watching winston for six good years. He made sure Winston was taken to the ministry of affection where he was tortured, in order to give up his belief regarding Big Brother as well as the party. Winston was an adamant person even with the torture, he refused to give up his tips. Before taking winston to room info he explained that " There are three stages in the reintegration”, ‘there is learning, there is understanding and there is acceptance”. it is time that you should move on to the 2nd stage. Room 101 is known as a torture space in the ministry of love in which prisoners are subjected to their own most detrimental nightmare, intended for winston, his fear is that of rodents, o'brien stressed the fact that " they will leap on your face and bore directly into it, sometimes they assault the eye initial, sometimes that they burrow through cheeks and devour the tongue”. Afraid by the picture of the picture presented to him simply by o'brien, that might likely apparently become the end of him, he will save himself by simply denouncing julia subjecting for the laws with the party he also accepted the theory that 2+2=5. As a result of this kind of experience, winston loses all rebellious believed and substituted it with undiluted love for the party.


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