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п»їSunday (the day prior to the first day of middle section school)

And so i am definitely not ready for middle school and btw my name is Aniah Stitt and I i am leaving the 5th quality from Reedy Creek Primary. I was really afraid because I used to be supposed to visit a school referred to as Northridge Central and that is a very bad school! People say they have awful kids and that is true but every university has bad kids and all sorts of my friends intend there and I have no friends from my own school likely to my fresh school(well my friend Sharifa, Mackenzie, and this young man named Justin)and its really hard. The thing is I use friends in the 7th, and 8th but I won't be with them. I understand what I was wearing but I have no my whole day planed away and do we need to wear publication bags and btw all of us don't get lockers till 9th grade and it has to be a privilege! And I forgot to see you I will Randolph Central and it will end up being so hard mainly because it's an IB college and I decided to write about my personal junior high life. Welcome!!!!! but it will surely be a long year I can already inform. Ok, first things first I was in Ms. Pfahler's Homeroom and my own math teacher is Mr. Dunn and Science and Social Research is Mrs. Mitchell. People say I possess the good professors because My spouse and i am inside the building yet I say It is good the uninteresting ones, although I officially don't know yet, so I guess I have to wait and find out. My personal school begins at ……. And ends at …….! We also need to do community service intended for 10 hours periods! but I had 36 because of operation charlotte now at Hickory Grove Baptist Church (HGBC) and I like basically perform everything right now there and they have a school that I wanted to head to HGCBS (hickory grove baptist) well receive comfortable for any year of sixth grade at Randolph Middle!

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Middle University
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