Ethical Behavior

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 Ethical Actions Essay

1 . Moral behaviour (20 marks)

a. Discuss ethical issues that effect on Cirque man Soleil while an company. Your debate must consider at least TWO conflicting viewpoints about ethical behaviour.

The Efficiency structure of Cirque man Soleil is based on recognizing the cost of the artists. The performers are recognized as addressing the value of the organization. They ensure that the businesses values are reflected in all its business and management decisions. Cirque man Soleil provides a healthy working environment establishing an open, safe, creative and friendly environment permitting their personnel and designers to continue creating and carrying out in a safe, stimulating environment. Cirque du soleil sets out its environmental commitments and objectives coverage in 2006. After that they have used environment as a factor in just about every Organization decisions. They commit on regarding more in social responsibilities by creating several projects for the society, taking on a positive environmental plan based on eco friendly development.

Even though Cirque ni Soleil is actually involved in Interpersonal responsibilities it faces a few ethical challenges. One of them was a discriminatory lawsuit with one of the performers inside the circus who also tested HIV positive and who was prohibited to are the risk of having hurt and perhaps infecting other folks performer. They also had additional performers with HIV +ve but Cirque made a press release that in these case the risk was high. The different performers recorded suit against cirque to get discrimatory fees. It was settled with the implementation of special deals training program to get HIV great employees. (We dream organization, 2011)

2 . Social responsibility (20 marks)

a. Increase on the reason of the 3 major perspectives on corporate and business social responsibility as discussed in the text message book pp. 73-74. n. Discuss which in turn (if any) of the 3 major points of views is most lined up to Cirque du Soleil. Justify the answer.

Unseen Hand

The term can be an economic term following Adam smith. Undetectable hand is actually a view keeping that the entire social required a corporation may be summed up as " help to make profits and obey the law”. The Invisible side is a metaphor for how a free industry functions to manage itself. The constituents that may actually govern the market place will be self interest, supply and demand and competition. Producers price their goods and services aiming to compete with the other person and the client help control the price by simply either obtaining or not. The manufacturer discovers a common stage where he may charge enough to make a good profit while not getting rid of the demand pertaining to his product because the consumer finds it too costly.

The Hand of presidency:

The HANDS OF GOVERNMENT " is a watch arguing the interest of society is best served with the regulatory hands of the law and the political process rather than the hidden hand. Slowly move the results of corporation endeavours” (Galbraith 1962; 1975)

Which means that the Government offers control over the organisation which in turn controls the possible unfavorable action of firms concerning employees, customers and the Community.

Hand of Management:

The hand of management designate the corporation a significant role in setting meaning behaviour and developing a corporate and business conscience this means Managers and Corporations are required to protect and improve contemporary society welfares and in addition advance business economic interest.

The Perspectives that may be most in-line to Cirque du Soleil is The SIDE OF MANAGING. Cirque du Soleil is actually involved in Contemporary society welfares. They will created many projects pertaining to the society, adopted a proactive environmental policy based upon sustainable expansion and established an open, secure, creative and friendly environment enabling their employees and artists to continue creating and performing within a safe...

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Ethical Behaviour
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