Describe and Evaluate the Theories of Sigmund Freud

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 Describe and Evaluate the Ideas of Sigmund Freud Composition

Identify and evaluate the theories of Sigmund Freud's psychodynamic way as evidence of individual behaviour. Inside the evaluation summarise and evaluate one other strategy as an alternative justification of human behaviour.

This kind of essay should describe in more detail the hypotheses of Sigmund Freud's psychodynamic approach to the reason of human being behaviour. The writer will certainly evaluate these types of theories and present all of them in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. The essay may also include a brief description and evaluation from the behaviourist procedure as an alternative explanation of man behaviour. Sigmund Freud was born Sigismund Freud in Freiberg, Moravia, right now Pribor, Czech Republic, in 6th Might 1856. Having been born in a Jewish family members although Freud himself was nonpracticing. They will moved to Vienna, Austria in 1860 in which he began his education. ( When departing school Freud studied treatments at Vienna University, this individual graduated in 1881 and the following year began his medical career in the psychiatric clinic at Vienna General Hospital. Freud entered exclusive practice in 1886 and specialised in treatment of nervous disorders. Having been diagnosed with tumor of the jaw in 1923 after as being a prolific cigarette smoker and experienced more than 30 operations to try and rid him of it. In 1938 Freud, his better half Martha and daughter Ould - moved to London, shortly after the Nazis annexed Austria. The subsequent year Freud died after a long struggle with cancer. ( The article writer will now illustrate Sigmund Freud's theories in depth beginning with his belief that most humans have got two fundamental instincts. He theorised that most humans are born while using basic predatory instincts Eros, intimate drive or perhaps creative life force and Thanatos, the death pressure or self destruction. These are depending on mythical character types and are representations of the two primary retailers of biological energy. Freud proposed which the two causes were in a constant battle throughout the expected life of the person. (Inkson, A, no date) One of Freud's main ideas was his model of your head, this is also referred to as iceberg analogy. Freud compared the human mind to an iceberg, the tip of the iceberg, visible above the waterline he identified as the conscious mind. This can be the part of the brain that we are aware of and contains awareness, sensations and immediate thoughts. The pre conscious is a area of the iceberg on the waterline and contains placed information and knowledge. The knowledge stored is not quickly accessible but with time knowledge can approach across in to conscious mind if needed. Freud defined the mass of banquise below the surface of the normal water as the unconscious mind. He presumed this section of the mind contains desires, would like, basic norms of behavior, repressed lovemaking feelings, aggression and violent motives. (Inkson, A; no date) Freud theorised that there were 4 " noble roads” to accessing the unconscious mind. He outlined these since hypnosis, dreams, slips of the tongue and word connection. Freud used hypnosis early in his career to access the unconscious brain and treat patients struggling with hysteria. This individual later abandoned this approach to concentrate on developing his own approach of psychoanalysis. ( Freud argued that dreams have got meaning and can be interpreted if perhaps examined tightly enough. In accordance to Freud (1900) " A dream is known as a fulfilment of your wish”. In certain dreams the wish is usually obvious for example a person would imagine cream cakes and junk food. In other circumstances the want is disguised and symbolized through meaning for example a carrot would be a symbol to get a penis and a field would be thought to be a vagina. Symbolism in dreams is usually not always because universal because this, the symbolic relationship would depend within the individuals very own life experiences. (Inkson, A; no date) Freud proposed that slides of the tongue and interstice in memory space originate in the unconscious mind and uncover an unconscious motive. When we make the system known as a Freudian...

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