An Study of Americas Way to Reaching Equality

An Study of America's Way to Reaching Equality

Is America Approaching Equality?

The question is America achieving equality could be answered in a single word, yes. The united states has made many strides in equality and continues to create these strides. Latest in the news headlines has been same sex marriage which includes seen various strides as oppose to possibly just a little under two decades ago. America is normally approaching equality, and each day is another part of the proper direction. Equality has been reached not merely on the altar in matrimony, but also for women, and minorities at work, with an increase of opportunities for jobs, and equal wages. Addititionally there is more chance for all in politics, as many more males and females of most races, religious backdrop and sexual orientation are more involved. Although America isn't one hundred percent equal, it really is making strives to be such.

A hot button topic in the us is usually that of same sex matrimony. The first point out to legalize same sex matrimony was in 2004 in Massachusetts. Since that time, 36 other states have finally joined Massachusetts in legalizing same sex relationship1. In 1996, just a measly 27 percent of Americans had imagined that gay marriage ought to be legalized, but in the


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