A Literary Evaluation and a Evaluation of Romeo and Juliet and far Ado About Nothing

A Literary Research and a Assessment of Romeo and Juliet and far Ado About Nothing

Intensional or Accidentall? Similarities between Romeo And Juliet and far Ado

About Nothing!

There are plenty of similarities between Shakespeare's Very much Ado About

Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. Was this Intentional or Accidental? Despite the fact that

Much Ado About There is nothing a comedy, and Romeo and Juliet, is one of is own

saddest tragedies, both plots share many prevalent incidents. Did Shakespeare

mean to have these coincidences or does they happen unintentionally? In both of his

dramatic works, the Masque is an integral aspect furthering the infatuation of the

lovers. Also the balcony moments in both plays are necessary because without them

the plot could never reach its denouement. It appears that God arrived to

both of the takes on in the spirit of the friars, because that they had good programs to keep

love together.

In both has, the masque capabilities as a dramatic gadget which initiates

the love plot. It occurs in a sociable gathering, however, not without assistance from costumes.


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