A Comparison lately 1800s Marriages in The Story of ONE HOUR and Mrs. Wright in Trifles

A Comparison lately 1800's Marriages in The Story of ONE HOUR and Mrs. Wright in Trifles

Marriages through the late 1800’s had been benefit and culture based. The women married to match the role of culture to be guarded by a man, be financially stable, and become a residence wife. The guys married for companionship, a female to keep carefully the house and children to be able, and a symbolism of adulthood. Mrs. Mallard in The History of ONE HOUR by Kate Chopin and Mrs. Wright in Trifles by Susan Glaspell both show the common ground of mental inversion within their marriages.

Mrs. Mallard in the “Storyline of one hour” receives information from her sister Josephine that her hubby has passed on in a coach accident. The result of her weeping in her sister’s arms was evidence that she had been sad that she'd miss his physical appearing. This is her first stage that people witness. We recognize that these were married and didn’t completely despise of every other, nonetheless they also weren’t madly in take pleasure in. The narrator states “Yet she had loved him-sometimes. Often she hadn't.” (206). After she undergoes a saddening phase, she involves a realization. She commences to think logically. “However now there was a boring stare in her eye, whose gaze was fixed aside off yonder using one of these patches of blue sky. It had been not really a glance of reflection, but instead indicated a suspension of intelligent thought.”(205). Quite simply, she was starting to come to a summary with herself that he's absent and


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