A Classification of Multilingualism and HOW EXACTLY IT AFFECTS Ones Lifestyle

A Classification of Multilingualism and HOW EXACTLY IT AFFECTS One's Lifestyle

Before discussing vocabulary diversity and English as the state language of the United States, it's important that people define first what multilingualism can be and how it influences one's lifestyle. Multilingualism defined as somebody who can speak at least three diverse languages. Another term referred to as bilingualism, on the other hand, defined an individual with a least two numerous languages. When expressing multilingualism or bilingualism, it ensures that the person must have the highest degree of fluency to all or any his/her languages in terms of speaking, producing, understanding, and reading. Generally, most people are bilingual. It isn't common to find persons who can only speak one words and does only arise in minority of the world's population (Alison). Now, america does not have any clear official language and it could seem to be that the Founders of the Constitution left the problem untouched. There is excellent freedom of language in america allowing every person expressing themselves in the very best language they could speak of. The amount of existing languages in the us is about 322 with an approximate ordinary of 24 languages per state. From these, 207 are indigenous to California producing the talk about the most diverse state regarding language(Utt). Nevertheless, in spite


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